Tuesday, July 25 , 1:04 PM

Dade Chamber

Tourism Resource Team

The Georgia tourism state and regional team returned to Dade County on Tuesday, October 14th with their presentation on increasing tourism and revenue in Dade.  This was a year-long project in the making resulting in several key areas that Dade has to offer.  The four they focused on were Heritage, Historic Preservation, Arts and Nature.

Each area highlighted a number of existing locations and establishments our wonderful county already has and then offered several suggestions on improvements to be made to increase our revenue opportunities in Dade.  They were also eager to share how to locate and apply for resources to make improvements needed and market our area to tourists.  “We are setting on a gold mine of opportunity and would be crazy not to take advantage of Dade’s beauty and resources for our economic future” said Holly Moore.  The team encouraged all tourism avenues and government officials to work together to plan, promote and market Dade. Click here to view the Tourism Resource Team Report from the Georgia Department of Economic Development.  Planning meetings will soon be scheduled and posted for public participation. If you are interested please contact the Dade Chamber and be added to the list.

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