Tuesday, July 25 , 2:43 PM

Dade Chamber

Letter from the president

From the Chamber President

Dear Future Dade Countian,
I want to personally welcome you to our beautiful and charming little corner of North West Georgia, nestled in the midst of Lookout & Sand Mountain! What you’ll find here is a close-knit community full of local pride and friendly people. Stick around and you will soon find your perfect fit in Dade County, GA.
As president of the Dade County Chamber of Commerce(DCCOC), I want to encourage you to explore our list of DCCOC Members. These are wonderful and reputable businesses, owned and operated by some of our towns finest! There is strong focus on local business growth and expansion of education throughout our community. The hard work put in by our towns leaders is paying off in a big way, thanks to the support of our loyal, enthusiastic townspeople.
Please email, call or come by the Chamber office to find everything you need to get settled in. We are happy to help you with information and tips to bring you up-to-speed on everything Dade County has to offer!
Our little corner may be small but our list of selling points is big, and the heart of the community is even bigger! Your presence here is just another step in the bright future of our blossoming little corner of Northwest Georgia.
I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you to call Dade County, “Home”!

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Dr. James Cantrell, President
111 Railway Ln.
Trenton, GA 30752

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