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Trenton Telephone Company


Custom Calling Services are available only to single-party customers, where facilities are available, at an additional monthly charge. Instructions for using these services are available at the links below. For further information, call or visit the Telephone Company business office.

Call Forwarding - Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls automatically to any other telephone you can dial within the continental U.S.A. without the assistance of an operator.

Call Waiting - Call Waiting lets you answer a second call while you are using your telephone.

Delayed Auto Dial - Warm Line - Delayed Auto Dial - Warm Line allows your phone to automatically dial a predetermined number. This service is useful for the elderly and shut-ins.

Revertive Calling Service - Intercom - Use your telephone as an intercom by dialing your own number to ring the extension and talk to another party.

Speed Calling 8 - Now you can call up to 8 of your most frequently dialed numbers just by dialing a one-digit code. This includes long distance DDD numbers.

Speed Calling 30 - Now you can call up to 30 of your most frequently dialed numbers just by dialing a two-digit code. This includes long distance DDD numbers.

Teen Service - A residential service that allows a subscriber to add a second directory number without adding additional line equipment.

Voice Mail - Voice Mail is an answering device to record messages when you are away from your home or office.

Three-Way Calling - This service lets you add a third person to your conversation.


Trenton Telephone Company offers a number of other optional services to both home and business customers in the calling area. NOT ALL SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE IN EVERY LOCATION; however, some of the optional services that are available to most customers are listed below.

Caller ID - Enables you to see the name and number of persons calling from within your service area before the call is answered.

Caller ID/CWT - Enables you to see the name and number of persons calling from within your service area before the call is answered.

Caller ID Blocking - Per Call - Name - Enables you to prevent your telephone number from being displayed on the Caller ID unit of the person you are calling.

Caller ID Blocking - Per Call - Number - Enables you to prevent your telephone number from being displayed on the Caller ID unit of the person you are calling.

Blocked Due to Non-Pub or Unlisted Number - Dialed prior to the call, this will serve to allow the number to be revealed to the called party.

Call Return - Call Return is a simple way to call back the last number that called you, whether or not you answered the phone.

Repeat Dialing - If the number you call is busy or there is no answer, Repeat Dialing will keep trying until the line is free, then signal you.

Call Tracing - Enables you to initiate an automatic trace of the last call you received.

PO Box 216
Trenton, GA -30752
Phone Receptionist
(706) 657-4367
Georgia Department of Labor

Our mission is to work with public and private partners in building a workforce system that contributes to Georgia's economic prosperity. We accomplish this by:

Helping individuals attain their work goals and increase self-sufficiency through employment, training, and support services.
Helping employers meet their business needs through employee recruitment and selection services, workforce information, and technical support.

The Department of Labor is charged with the following areas of responsibility:

To assist those who are seeking jobs in their quest for satisfactory and productive placement and to aid employers in the search for qualified workers.
To refer workers in need of additional skills into the proper job training program.
To administer the state's unemployment insurance program.
To gather, maintain, and report labor market information.
To administer laws relating to child labor.

Job Seekers, let us help you...

Explore Career options and plan your job search, find a job, file unemployment insurance, find veteran assistance and information, claim weekly unemployment benefits, learn about education and training, learn about work search requirements, survive a layoff, see status of weekly UI/EUC/TRA payments, obtain information about an employment issue.

Employers, let us help you...

Recruit new employees, learn about unemployment taxes and benefits, learn about tax credits and incentives, file tax and wage reports and make payments, get labor market information, get assistance concerning a layoff or closure, locate workforce and business development resources, file partial unemployment insurance claims, find information for agricultural employers, and obtain information about an employment issue.

Workforce Professionals, let us help you...

find industry data, identify layoff services and options, access labor force and unemployment (UI) statistics, explore education and training opportunities, get occupational trends, obtain economic information, learn about people with disabilities and employment, locate employment related supportive services, get information about workforce system development, and connect to workforce research.


Georgia Power
Georgia Power

Value. It's a promise.
Reliability. Flip the switch and the light turns on.
Service. A little Southern hospitality from Georgia Power.
Stewardship. Taking care of the state we call home.

High reliability, low prices and high customer satisfaction are cornerstones of our customer commitment, but it doesn't end there. We're equally dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Our vision to be "A Citizen Wherever We Serve" still holds true, more than 100 years after it was coined by our first company president, Preston Arkwright Sr.

Georgia Power works to be the best in energy generation, transmission and distribution. Our goal is outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction, while providing power for prices well below the national average.

311 Cedar Lane, Trenton 30752
Jolly Heating and Air
Jolly Heating and Air
475 Cooley Rd, Wildwood, GA 30757
Lake Region Medical
Lake Region Medical

Accellent is home to the most comprehensive supply chain solutions in the world. More than a supplier, we are a strategic partner. Accellent brings customer innovations to the market quickly and efficiently—meaning revenues and profits are realized faster. That's the Accellent Advantage. With a proven track record and industry-recognized solutions, Accellent leverages a vast infrastructure of global resources. Accellent’s complete menu of outsourcing solutions let our customers focus on what they do best—developing new products and therapies. Count on Accellent for the rest.

13024 North Main Street P.O. Box 39 Trenton, GA 30752

For 160 years, SCANA Corporation has been an energizing force throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia – bringing power and fuel to homes and businesses, stimulating economic growth, spurring innovation, enriching local communities through environmental initiatives and educational programs, and lending a helping hand to the less fortunate.

Headquartered in Cayce, SC, SCANA Corporation is an energy-based holding company whose businesses include regulated electric and natural gas utility operations and other energy-related businesses. SCANA’s subsidiaries serve electric customers in South Carolina and natural gas customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. SCANA has nine significant direct, wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Our electric service area extends into 24 counties throughout South Carolina.
We own liquefied natural gas liquefaction and storage facilities and transport natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers.
We provide natural gas services to more than one million customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.
We also own and operate a 500-mile fiber optic telecommunications network and data center facilities, provide Ethernet services, and engage in tower site construction management and rental services.
We provide homeowners with service contracts on their home appliances and heating and air conditioning units.

Our Mission
To provide energy-related products to retail markets in the Southeast.

It sounds simple enough, but the way we pursue this mission shapes the kind of business we are. We believe that by first meeting our customers’ needs for quality products and superior services, we ultimately will ensure our own success. While each SCANA subsidiary has its own strategic goals, we all share this same mission.

Our Vision
SCANA Corporation is a company of committed people working together professionally to serve our customers profitably.

While competition and technological advances constantly result in profound changes in the way we work, we will still hold ourselves to the same high professional and ethical standards our customers have come to expect.

Our Values

Serve our community
Communicate openly and honestly
Respect diversity and care for each other
Excel in customer service and safety
Do what is right

It's no coincidence that the first letter in each these values spell the word “SACRED” because throughout all SCANA companies we really do consider these values sacred. They set the tone for the way we conduct our business and, ultimately, they help us achieve our stated mission and vision for the future.

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